Service & Επισκευή κλαρίνου

In our workshops you will find services that includes clarinet care and maintenance, repairs, tuning etc. We can accomplish every task with our evolved materials, machinery and modern tools.

Our long experience, our dedication to the work as well as our well-trained staff are a quarantee for excellent results.

Our goal is to do quality work with insistence on details and to satisfy our customers and create relationships based on trust.

Below we mention some of the things we can do:

● General Service


1. Disinfecting the instrument.
2. Cleaning keys-springs-screws.
3. Adjust keys-springs.
4. Changing corks on the connections and on keys.
5. Place waterproof leather plugs.
6. Axle lubrication.


● Replace holes.

● Adding keys or interfering in them.

● Wood and key polishing. Covering damage to instrument's body and keys.

● Replace an old worn piece of your instrument with a new one.

● Improving keys and springs.

● Sewing and closing cracks.

● Exporting rusty screws.

● Rebuilding connections in case of breakage or wear of the time.

● Barrel cutting adjusting it to the desired tuning.

● Broken key splicing.


For any question, please contact us.